Womyn King.


“Ravel Together for Revolution and FEAR NOT, my sisters, my brothers – for we are united in this living experience by our blood. No matter the abstract traps of our thoughts there is no distance from this source – and in whatever way you paint this force, in whatever word you personally use to define it – it remains: shapeless and formless, you are in constant collaboration with it for as long as you have a heart to beat. All of these belief systems are transcriptions for this greater, shared mystery. Don’t trust me? Touch your hand to your heart and close your eyes if you must – and feel it. Not all communication exists in words and you must undefine yourself from their literal and linear grasp – remember the wordless knowing buried in your guts, that inner healer, that inner teacher. Too long have we tipped the scales into our cerebral labyrinths: a vast and incredible thing, our minds, capable of so much creation and fabrication. Miraculous, really, for lack of any better word. My heart Loves what my mind can Do. Do you feel that there is also a sickness in the minds of humankind? That this spell has eroded your physical sense for personal power? That power is Your Choice and the Answer is You and the Truth is Now. And now, humankind needs you. We need your movement, not your stagnance – like those interwoven life cycles recognized and repeated in all of nature – for which you are undeniably woven from, every fiber within you a thread to the all-inclusive tapestry of mere, sheer existence – and as all cycles are – your body, your True Given Temple, will one day return to the source of nature – and therefore, you should not fear, as all cycles must feed into the next: this is the common, inevitable, profound law, and death does not care how you look when you get there. And Just as your movement is needed I must also implore of your stillness; for it is in reception that we learn and can participate in the giving and where, like the bees of a hive, we can transform the nectar of our lessons into honey. Remember: the choice is yours. To my kin, I ask that you unravel from language that confuses this primitive truth: your heart and mind are necessary dualities that spin and oppose and polarize and unify all in the chaotic cacophony of natural order – and when harmonized, spurred by the necessary symbiosis created in conflict; life and death and night and day and earth and sky and all the revolving chases – there is balance at the center and there resides the key to this perpetual dance- the dance of opposition and magnetism, the very motion that keeps the spiral unwinding. So have courage and Be Open: your vulnerability is brave, your story is valid, the part you write is necessary for our Kingdom of Earth – a Kingdom unified by the blood red thread that moves and weaves and spills – and be humbled, be strong, be fearless – and know that I Believe In You.”