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Yo ho ! My name is Sarah Frary. I imagine that the labyrinth of content in my website gives you a pretty substantial idea of who I am and how I thrive on the subtle primordial energies of things; those dark mysteries that still delight and terrify us. I love to dance on that fine feral edge. Therefore, there isn't much that I can really say here, other than some external basics --

Art remains my primary focus and it is tapped into the undercurrent of all that I do and all that I am, and the origins of my creations are borne from my heart. Versatile and eclectic, my talent ranges from whimsical to desperate, contorted to elegant - conjured from a feverish impulse and an instinctive intuition, often reflecting the spiritual energy found in nature and through my deeply personal connection to my surroundings. Though there is that foundation root of consistency in the distinct style of my art, the deliverance always changes, as I am constantly craving the challenges of new mediums; from pen and ink to pastel to paints and even the sacred craft of tattooing. I create to communicate but prefer that the meaning be left to the interpretation of the viewer.

Otherwise, I am an outrageously assertive, active and goofy person with a strong balance and preference for spending my time alone and disconnected from technology. I love the outdoors and throwing myself into labor-intensive tasks, from sheep midwifery to the volunteer fire department. Living amongst ever-changing wilderness in the squat little village of Ten Sleep, Wyoming caters profoundly to my love for exploration, adventure, and freedom. I travel seasonally and extensively and I disappear and reappear frequently: being a restless shapeshifter will always be woven in the fibers of My Way. I have a Livejournal that I update as often as I can that occasionally documents these kinds of wily and strange habits and personal growth excursions of mine. I will even throw photos on my flickr account if the mood strikes as well. I also have a poorly updated personal facebook and a fairly updated professional facebook page; you are more than welcome to add me on either account.

I own and operate a private, custom tattoo studio called Bighorn Tattoo and I am always available for commission work of all kinds, and that includes Live Art gigs and Workshops. Please do not be shy to contact me - I am a ridiculously friendly person and I am so grateful for the love and attention of the people in my life who connect with the soul of my work. I am eager to share it, and eager to hear from you. I do make an effort to write back, even if not always in a timely matter. I stay quite busy with all of my projects! And I typically prefer running in the woods with my awesome dog to sitting at the computer, so there is that to consider too.


Rose & Root - art by Rima Steines
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